Website picBorn into a busy family of ten, Eleanor did what any sane child would do in an attempt to stand out: pathologically lie and talk about herself in third person in a desperate attempt to seem interesting.

For example, she wasn’t born into a family of ten. It was a family of six. Haha! Got you! (This Shocking Plot Twist is just one of the many tricks of the trade she has learnt over the course of her very useful writing degree.)

That pathological lying carried Eleanor far throughout her youth, from Shakespeare festivals to Tournament of Mind state finals to the occasional award-winning short story or self-indulgent opinion piece. It also carried her to Melbourne, where she studied at the Victorian College of the Arts, and made a lot of questionable life choices. Nonetheless, just like Jesus and Harry Potter, she miraculously survived it all and is still here to tell the tale.

Explore this page, or don’t. As Eeyore once said, it’s all the same at the bottom of the river.